Owning a parcel of land and building a pond rank high on the short list of most folks “wish list”.  If you’re among those achieving the dream, please don’t take shortcuts when it comes to building the pond.  That wonderful dream can become a nightmare.


There are critical steps that MUST be followed for success.

  • What are local regulations for impounding water?
  • How do I select the correct location?
  • Does the preferred site have  necessary soils for a dam?
  • Is the watershed large enough to fill the pond?
  • Will the water spill onto my neighbor?
  • Plan, plan, plan!


Contact us for a valuable book answering important questions.  “Perfect Pond…Want One?” by Pond Boss Bob Lusk outlines what to look for when buying property, project planning, construction, renovating existing ponds, repairing leaky ponds, obstacles that can occur, plus pond interaction with fish and wildlife.

Texoma Hatchery is a full-service pond management firm.  We consult in: site selection, construction, stocking, and management to achieve your long-term goals. We would enjoy helping fulfill your dream! – Call or write today!