During visits to the supermarket, we see natural and organic products to improve our diets. Bo-Jo Fish Light offers the same benefit for fish. They make a great holiday gift for the pond owner who has everything.

The fixture contains two standard fluorescent bulbs to attract bugs. Under the lights is a rotating, weed eater-style head. As insects circle the light, they are knocked to the water. Fish receive nutritious forage. You and family enjoy hours of entertainment watching feeding antics.

The unit uses 115-volt service or can be wired directly to a power supply. It has a durable, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized housing. This unique fish feeder mounts on docks, boathouses, posts, or other versatile bases. It operates by photocell to draw fish on a consistent schedule.

Attract fish. Feed them. Catch them. Place your order today! If you need assistance, we’ll include a quote to install.