Lakes are no different than a car or home.  If neglected, they decline.  Habitat deteriorates.  If new bass aren’t stocked every few years, genetic health declines.  Failure to maintain annual bass harvest creates bass overcrowding and stunting. To reach potential, lakes need maintenance or ultimately– renovation.

Depending on management efforts, the first 5 to 10-years is a honeymoon.  Thereafter, like any relationship, it requires TLC.  Largemouth bass life expectancy averages 10-years.  If a lake has not been managed 5 or more years, bass are becoming senior citizens.  They have lost the opportunity to reach quality condition–much less trophy status.  In such cases, don’t put valuable resources into an ailing lake—start over.  It doesn’t require building a new dam. Remove underperforming fish by rotenoning.  Restore habitat. Restock new, thriving populations of baitfish and bass. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Surveying the habitat of a pond

Rebuild habitat and bottom structure

The biggest challenge to renovation is—patience.  Most folks dread time required to regrow quality fish.  Actually, it’s less than you assume.  Revitalize the food chain with 1,500 to 2,000 bluegills per acre and catch 2-pound bass after one year.  Sustain that strong food chain.  Within two years, some tip scales at 4.  We’ve seen a few over achievers reach 5 to 6 in 2+-years.  Do a trade-out with a buddy.  Visit his lake during the first year of recovery.  In the second year, you and he begin enjoying dividends from the investment of your work over.

2 yr old Tiger Bass

2 Year Old Tiger Bass

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