tiger bass fingerlings

Genetically superior Tiger Bass and the future of a trophy fishery

Lakes are confined areas. Eventually, fish will in-breed.  To maintain healthy genetics, key for growing big bass, new blood lines must be stocked every few years.  Tiger Bass are a proven method for success.

Tigers are an F-1 cross between Northern and pure Florida bass.  Northerns are aggressive and bite vigorously, but lack the genetic potential to exceed approximately 8 pounds.  Floridas possess trophy traits.  Once reaching 10+ pounds, however, Floridas become hard to catch, especially with artificial lures.  Tigers are the best of both qualities.  With proper forage, they achieve 2-pound annual growth rates.

Maximize Spawning Potential

             Bass have big appetites at all ages. Bass are hatched hungry. 

Stocking a new lake?  Start with 50 2-inch fingerlings per acre.  Every three years, refresh genetics by adding 50 fingerlings per acre, two years in a row.  Have a 5 or 10-year-old lake and want to introduce Tiger Bass genes?  Stock 50 fingerlings per acre three years in a row.  Wait three years, and stock two years in a row.  Repeat three year/two year cycle for the life of the lake.    

hungry bass

                                                  If it fits in their mouth, they eat it.

Bass are top-line predators and eat anything that fits in their mouths.  Besides other fish, that includes crawfish, snakes, frogs, mice, birds, or other prey passing through its territory.  We’ve even seen a small turtle in a bass stomach.

Bass like big meals

                                                 Bass like big meals

Maintain an abundant food chain.  Regularly harvest bass 14 inches and under to prevent bass from overpopulating. You can grow trophies. Want to know more, give us a call. We’re available to consult on your pond or lake.

Ultimate Bass Reward

                                       Ultimate Bass Reward

American Sport Fish begins Tiger Bass deliveries in June. Pricing for Tiger Bass fingerlings is $1.65 each, plus delivery. Call us to get on the list. For Texas & Oklahoma clients, give us a ring at  (903) 564-5372. For Alabama and other southern states, you can reach us at (334)-281-7703.  Or contact us here.