Are you thinking about building a pond? Wait a quick second and listen to these things to consider before building a pond from the Pond Boss, Bob Lusk.

You’ve made up your mind. You want a pond. What a great idea! There’s nothing more appealing than water, the sound of water moving, just being near it, it’s our essence, we love water.

Well, where do we start. You don’t just dig a hole and do a raindance and hope water comes into it. You need to do some planning and let me tell you where to start. The very first thing you do is establish some goals. Are you going to swim in it? Are you going to grow big fish, giant Bass and Bluegill? Are you going to use it for fire protection or to irrigate your yard? You need to know that upfront. Write all that down. Then, make a plan.

You’ve got to know about soils. If you’re living on the beach, sand leaks. We don’t want to use sand to build a dam to build a pond. Also, where’s the water going to come from? Is it going to come from rain? If it is you need to know how large the watershed is that feeds your pond site.

There’s trees down in the valley that you want to build the pond. What are you going to do with those trees? You’re going to leaver them there or are you going to take them out? Choose that early on. Those are all the things that you ned to think about before the first spade of dirt is ever turned. For example, this pond behind us, gorgeous pond, it’s about fifteen sixteen feet deep. It’s got some sheer drop-offs thats perfect congregation points for giant Bluegill. You’re going to grow Bass? You need the same thing so you need to do some studying about those fish. You’re going to have a feeding program? You need a spot so you can toss some feed out so fish can grow faster.

Don’t just come out there, hire a guy on a bulldozer, and build a pond. Think about it. Set some goals. Make a plan. Execute the plan, and in the end when you’re out there on the dock with your favorite beverage, you’re going to have the pond of your dreams.