During holiday visits to the lake, did you identify important tasks that must be addressed to ensure it’s ready for the 2023 season? It’s time to make a 2023 pond or lake management plan. Here are some questions you should be asking:

  • Does a dock need repair?
  • Want to avoid disruptive vegetation conditions? Treat early!
  • Do fish feeders need servicing or replacement?
  • Do boats have overdue maintenance?
  • Do you have vegetation or silt conditions that require cleanup?
  • Concerned about poor growth rates among bass? Let’s survey.
  • Considered a monthly maintenance plan so you do less work and have more time for enjoyment?  Inquire about our rates.

 If valued waters are more than 5 years old, it’s time to replenish the habitat.  Properly placed cover is critical for:

  • Baitfish survival and long-term forage.
  • Ambush points to help bass feed efficiently.
  • Shaded structures so fish have spots to loaf between active periods.
  • Professionally-designed fish cities attract fish to preferred areas.
  • Most important—these cities congregate fish for improved catch rates.

It’s not too late to make habitat improvement a 2023 New Year’s resolution.  Management Science offers amazing methods to maximize pond productivity.

pond aeration

              Consider Aeration.

learn how to raise big rish

                           Bucket list bass Feeding produces feisty bluegill.

Our work is not just about fishing.  It’s about:

  • Respect for Nature’s critters that call your lakes home.
  • Sitting on a lake and texting a picture of the biggest fish you ever landed to someone special.
  • Observing the acrobatics of a trophy bass leaping from the water as it attempts to shake your lure.
  • Being with a youth angler when they catch a fish you’ll talk about forever.

We would appreciate the privilege to consult with management. Let’s do something special for your lakes.  You’ll be impressed with the results!

enjoy moments on the lake

 Enjoy more moments like these!