Pond enthusiasts are supporting a growing movement to promote youth outdoor education.

Leaders of “I Support Outdoor Ed” observed that many youngsters aren’t exposed to the outdoors like previous generations.  Instead, they are exposed to video games and related technology. Research indicates outdoor-related resources and organizations are growing.  Unfortunately, the amount of time kids spend outdoors is declining.

Outdoor Ed organizers remind us there are outdoor education opportunities all around us. Grass roots groups are striving to connect kids with Nature.  They hold bird watching events or fishing derbies in city parks.  Many conduct hikes on Nature trails.  Lessons and teaching materials are readily available.

According to Outdoor Ed, their campaign is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the value, relevance, and potential for outdoor education in schools. “Making outdoor education classes available for every child, in every school, in every state, is our slogan and our mission”.

To learn more about introducing outdoor curriculum to your school district, contact www.isupportoutdoored.com.