If you and I have spoken recently, we discussed aeration. Everyone I talk to knows the benefits of aeration.  It is one of the healthiest things we can do for water.  This product review is about one specific type of aeration—windmill systems.

The use of windmills for industrial purposes has taken place for centuries. Water windmills commonly associated with the western United States have been around since the 1800’s.  Several companies have taken modern designs and modified them for use in ponds.  The concept is simple.  Instead of using a piston pump to draw water out of the ground, windmill aerators utilize the piston to force air through tubing into the pond.  They work great!  We have installed many and very rarely have issues, especially in Texas where we have ample wind.

Windmill aeration systems are great for remote areas or where it’s cost prohibitive to run electricity to a pond.  Windmills are very aesthetically appealing.  Many people like them just for the look of having a windmill on property.

With all the benefits, windmills have limitations.  First, construction is difficult.  Windmills are like erector sets that many of us had as kids.  There are several hundred nuts and bolts that must be installed in a methodical fashion.  Generally speaking, they take one to one and one-half days to assemble, then another half-day to install.  Installation is at least a two-person job.  If you want to tackle the project yourself, I recommend not using a tractor.  I have seen units damaged because aluminum is pliable and bends easily.

Although it doesn’t happen often, if the wind isn’t blowing, the windmill isn’t  working, which means it’s not aerating your pond.  There are remedies, but they require electricity.  Another limitation, one windmill can aerate a five-acre pond. If you have a large lake, it would require several units, or we can explore other aeration options.

Then, there are price considerations.  Windmills come in many sizes and several colors.  We sell mostly 20-foot, deluxe kits from Outdoor Water Solutions.  Kits include a 20-foot tower, 200-feet of weighted air hose, 100-feet of poly air tubing, two air stones, two duck decoy markers, and two buckets to anchor air stones.  The cost is $1,995, plus shipping, and tax.  This does not include installation.

Let’s talk about installation before you order a windmill aerator.  Remember you can order this product off of our website. ~ Chad Fikes