After 32-years in pond management, we’ve learned helping customers achieve their goals is an art balanced with science.  Through field tests during many successful projects, we filled the shelves of our on-line store with quality products at  We’re not as big as Bass Pro Shops, but if they had a pond management department, here’s some items you would see.  Many make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

Do you have a friend or relative contemplating building a pond?  Bob has a great “how to” book series describing every important phase from construction to stocking fish and raising big bass.  A subscription to POND BOSS Journal is a great idea.  How about a kit to monitor water quality?  We have dock cages to hold catches until the fish fry.  Are turtles robbing bluegill of nutritious fish food?  We’ve got traps.

We even have a Neiman-Marcus-class item for the pondmeister who has everything—a Deep Glo light.  Submerge this emerald green bulb below a dock or on the shoreline in front of your cabin.  The aquarium-like experience lets you marvel at nighttime fish behavior not visible during daylight.

If you’re serious about growing big fish, fast, we can ship an automatic feeder in 24-hours.  Other models can be used for wildlife applications.  Want to supplement high protein pellets with natural insects?  Ask about the Bojo Fish Light.  We stock decorative fountains, plus fish attractors offering years of snag-free angling.

If you’d prefer a gift certificate, please order by December 15.  Whatever supplies you need, our on-line store offers products to help reach management goals.  Contact us for more information on these and other valuable items that will maximize lake productivity and enjoyment.