All of us have a buddy to call when catching a big bass or observing a rare wildlife scene.  Who would you contact if your fish didn’t look healthy or you needed help attracting more waterfowl and deer?  If you’re a subscriber to POND BOSS Journal, it could be a fellow member in your POND BOSS Ambassadors Club.

We regularly receive inquiries from folks in the same community who aren’t aware a neighbor shares their passion for pond and wildlife management.  Wouldn’t it be great to call that friend and enjoy an afternoon harvesting bass or planting a food plot while devising plans to improve each other’s treasured land?

The organization arose from folks who envisioned a property improvement plan, but lacked expertise to assemble pieces of the puzzle.  Some placed a priority on ponds.  Others enjoyed wildlife management.  As POND BOSS helped solve the puzzles, grateful property owners became Ambassadors relating success to friends.  In response to growing interest, the award-winning publication is forming Ambassador Clubs to introduce these neighbors and create a pond management community—across the nation.

INFORMATION is the blueprint for maximizing property potential.  POND BOSS can be your “management manual”.  Subscribe and become a member of the Ambassadors Club.  It’s like having your personal consultant on retainer for only $35 a year.  You’ll get VIP access to the pond management industry.  Learn from science-based techniques and products, plus member experiences posted on our Internet forum at Ask The Boss  The forum is a library on numerous topics and “think tank” for ideas to benefit each other’s success.  Or e-mail questions direct to our staff.  Clubs also work with youth conservation groups and community service projects to improve water resources.

POND BOSS and its Ambassadors are leaders in managing private waters.  Climb in the boat and paddle with us to discover new frontiers in pond management.  Landowners have an awesome responsibility with conservation stewardship.  Be it fish or wildlife, all critters have similar needs.  Simply provide proper habitat.  Maintain nutritious food chains.  Manage genetics.  Harvest prescribed species to properly balance the ecosystem’s carrying capacity.  They will prosper.  You can take pride with enhancing valuable natural resources.  We’ll help you formulate a plan.  You’ll be amazed what lurks in ponds and dense thickets of your woodlands.

If watching antics of feeding fish with your kids or grandchildren sounds fun, we’ll teach you best methods.  If sitting in a blind or on a dock watching critters perform on Nature’s stage sounds like an adventure, it is.  Her cast of actors typically is shy.  Offer them hospitality with food and shelter.  They’ll give an unforgettable performance.

Subscribe to POND BOSS today! Don’t miss an issue, newsletter, or Ambassadors meeting in your area.  It’s great fun!  If there’s not a club near you, contact us for assistance in forming one.

Happy New Year!  Thanks for your business!

Bob Lusk  —  Chad Fikes  —  Walter Bassano