Manufacturers of pond aeration equipment recommend operating units 365 days a year.

Although concerns for dissolved oxygen and related water quality issues subside during cooler months, continual service maintains healthy environmental stability.  In colder regions, circulation prevents pond surfaces from freezing solidly, cutting-off oxygen, and causing a fish kill.

Seasonal transitions are good reminders to conduct important maintenance.  Failure to change filters annually can damage compressors.  Make sure cabinets are sealed to prevent field mice from establishing a colony and gnawing on air hoses.  Inspect surface bubble action to insure supply lines and bottom diffusers are producing maximum flow.

Aeration systems are an insurance policy to protect your large investment to develop a pond.  Minimize fish kills, unsightly algae, poor water quality, swarming insects, foul odors, and muck accumulation.  We custom design systems for any size lake.