Do you struggle with launching a boat?  Are there no places to relax at your pond?  We have a solution that will become the focal point of your shoreline!

Grab a pen and note pad.  Sketch the shape and floor area that accommodates your family’s activities.  Do you need one or two boat slips? We’ll consult our dock dealer to engineer a durable facility that will provide many years of enjoyment.

When installed, we’ll help landscape shoreline access.  Add hearty plants with seasonal color.  Plant water lilies and cypress trees at the walkway.  Anchor a floating island between the shoreline and dock. Create seasonal floral displays. Floating islands are great fish attractors.

The back corner is a good spot for a fiberglass storage compartment and fish-cleaning table.  A fish feeder will fit nearby.  Hang a live box for the day’s catch until you start the fish fry.  You must have a nightlight under the dock.  It projects an emerald green backdrop for a fascinating view of fish activity not visible during the day.

Call our staff biologists to discuss other tips for dock development.  You’ll wonder why you waited so long.