Aeration Provides New Life

Aeration Provides New LifeOutdoor TV and Radio Host, Alan Warren, owns a top notch hunting lodge known as Stone Ledge Ranch, located in beautiful Texas Hill country. Directly in front of his lodge, sat a leaky one acre pond that was choked with algae, weeds and not many fish.

In 2011, Alan reached out to Pond Boss, Bob Lusk and pond aeration expert Sue Cruz with Vertex Water Features for help in transforming his nasty pond into a healthy and attractive pond that can sustain a population of Bass, bluegill and catfish.

Alan drained the pond and started from scratch with a bull dozer, taking out an island and making the pond deeper. Once the pond began to fill again, Bob and Sue traveled to Stone Ledge in June of 2012 to install a Vertex AIR 1 Plus aeration system, stock some fish and set up a fish feeder.

Ever since, Alan and his guests have been enjoying the view from the deck on the lodge. The crystal clear water serves as a refreshing swimming hole in the summer as well as a drinking spot for wildlife. Now that the pond is in perfect condition, the Vertex aeration system will help keep it that way! Watch the video for all the details.  Source: Vertex Water Features