Have you noticed that you’ve got big fuzzy creatures living in your ponds? Not sure what to do with them? Do beaver ponds need managing? Find out what Bob Lusk, the Pond Boss thinks.

From my personal standpoint, I had, I grew up around a beaver pond up in Vermont. My aunt had one. Do those need managing or things like beaver ponds do they just kind of manage themselves? I
had a scary incident with a live beaver on that dam, once. So it’s stuck in my head. I mean when you have a beaver pond is there management or is that just natural?

Anywhere where water is impounded you can you can do some management, but it all starts off with your goals and then it ends with what you have to manage with.


So in other words if that beaver pond has got the right habitat for sunnies, that’s what you’re going to have. So you got the right habitat for crappies that’s most likely what you’re going to have. So yes you can manage a beaver pond. You certainly can.

I did learn never mess with the beaver dam they will get you.