Folks with small ponds averaging only six to 10 feet must get creative to prevent losing their treasured waters and fish during scorching summer seasons.  Many successfully solve the challenge by supplementing water levels with wells.

If you have this dilemma, visit chat discussions on the subject at Ask The Boss –  Learn from member experiences.  Post questions and gain valuable information about their projects.  The forum is a wealth of material for many pond management questions.

Valuable tips include conducting a standard water test before pumping.  Well water doesn’t contain oxygen.  It should be aerated by running across rocks or similar objects before reaching the pond.  Thoroughly analyze the well’s capacity.  Don’t pump for extended periods and risk depleting the reservoir.  One forum contributor observed how fish congregate around highly oxygenated, cooler water as it enters the pond.

Small ponds may experience filamentous algae as water temperatures decline to spring-like levels.  If you notice such conditions, call to discuss using tilapia or copper-based algaecides to manage growth.