Aeration is one of the greatest improvements you can make to a pond. It increases productivity.  It provides durable service 365 days a year.  But compressors “must” be maintained to sustain a valuable lifeline to the fishery and water quality.

Bottom diffuser systems are designed for low-maintenance and typically require minimal scheduled service.  Disconnect power before opening the cabinet.  See the owner’s manual for approved procedures to clean or replace compressor air filters and piston cups.  Regularly flex air stations. Enhance ventilation by keeping cabinet air inlets and outlets free of debris and weed growth.  Delayed response may result in significant damage.

If the size and appearance of bubble action on the pond surface has decreased since installation, perform general cabinet cleaning and clean or replace air filters.  Also check the date of your last air station flexing.

Aeration is highly beneficial, especially if you feed fish in small ponds.  Call for a quote on maintenance of an existing unit or installation of a new system.