Fantastic Feeder Maintenance PlanTired of continually trimming tall weeds that block feeders from efficiently broadcasting food to the pond?  Had a few close calls with sudden, heavy rain flooding a feeder?  Check-out this small investment that can eliminate both problems.

If a feeder floods, costs to replace the timer and motors can total $175.  For a few 4×4 posts and 2×4 all-weather boards, you can purchase an insurance policy against potential future damage.  Custom design the size just for a feeder.  Decks in adjacent photos make great lounging areas to watch fish feed or enjoy a sunset.

Fantastic Feeder Maintenance PlanAs illustrated, set base posts back from the full water line.  Research past high water marks during floods.  Determine deck height by highest water records.  Let leading deck edges extend to the water’s edge.  Two to three-foot elevations loft feed well into the pond, even if lake levels drop a few feet from summer evaporation.  During unusual years, raise front feeder legs to add greater projection and prevent food pellets from falling on the shoreline as water levels recede.  This opportunity could pay for itself the first year.