Wildlife and waterfowl are entering the most stressful season of the year.  Early freezes have thinned many food sources.  Harshest months are ahead.

Pond Boss Journal wildlife expert Dan VanSchaik says migratory waterfowl are particularly interested in food sources easily attainable from ponds.  The long journey north to nesting grounds requires extraordinary energy to maintain extended flight.

Dan relates breeding usually occurs enroute and nest building begins shortly after arrival.  So birds need to be in optimum condition before departing from over-wintering areas.  Finding nutrition preceding breeding season is imperative to hatching success.

Dan emphasizes it’s not illegal to feed waterfowl.  It’s illegal to shoot waterfowl over feed or “bait”.  If you hunt ducks or geese on your ponds, “stop” feeding before the season begins and resume when it ends.  He reminds a smart duck hunter feeds well after the season has closed if he wants healthy numbers to return next fall.

Convert fish and deer feeders to help ducks. Fill with whole kernel corn or milo and place along shorelines.  It’s as much fun as watching fish feed.  Subscribe to Pond Boss at www.pondboss.com and read more of Dan’s wildlife management tips.