Product Review: Floating Islands

floating islandsFloating islands are versatile waterscapes that provide multi-faceted use from fish attractors to shoreline beautification.

Designs run the gamut of your creativity.  Customize a water garden with a small willow tree.  Fill the remaining base with lush, flowering plants.  Make it the centerpiece for a pod of water lilies. On special occasions, relocate it to accent a dock or picnic area.

These anchored units develop unique ecosystems.  As plant roots extend into the water, aquatic organisms gather around them to feed and reproduce.  Fish are attracted for food and shade. Waterfowl use the islands for nesting sites.

If your interest is enhancing natural, aquatic environments, the floating island is a fantastic feature with unlimited potential.  Construct a large, single unit or small cluster around a fountain. Call for quotes on custom-designed frames.

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