Winter months are distressing times for pond enthusiasts. They toss a handful of feed and fish don’t respond. They feel their best friend moved to Florida until spring. For some, you would think they’re enduring months of prolonged darkness in an Alaskan winter. To defeat boredom, they resort to surfing the Internet for any story about fish to brighten the day.

We heard about YouTube videos on hand-feeding largemouth bass. Yes, hand-feeding. They’re highly entertaining. Here’s a favorite.  Spectacular ending!

There are others with bass taking night crawler worms or large shiner minnows from someone’s hand. One gentleman is offering grasshoppers. Another is feeding a catfish.

When cleaning fish, begin the acquaintance by tossing small bits of trimmings into the water. Fish instinctively investigate strikes on the surface hoping it’s a meal opportunity. Once conditioned to the event on a regular basis, they’ll be waiting for you. A customer in East Texas observed bass cruising near bluegill eating AquaMax pellets. The bass weren’t feed-trained and didn’t join the party. They were aroused by frenzied feeding action and began stalking bluegill. The lake owner bounced several pellets across the surface over bass in attempts to trigger a strike. It worked! After tasting high protein food, they were hooked. He now offers AquaMax Largemouth pellets to appease their big appetites.

Get a bowl of popcorn, enjoy the videos, and devise strategy for trying at your pond. It’s better than movies. If you watch at night, plug your computer into a timer on the outlet so you must stop at a decent hour. As you’ve seen on You Tube, one clip leads to another. Before you realize, it’s 1 a.m. Got a Go Pro camera? Make your own underwater shows. Send us yours and we’ll share with other readers.