Wonder why it never clears when another lake on your property has clear, sparkling water?  Here’s a simple test to find the answer.

Collect a water sample, preferably in a one-gallon, glass jar.  Snap a mental image of the clarity.  Place the container in a dark closet for seven days.  Evaluate any change.  Is it noticeably clear?  Is there sediment on the bottom of the jar?

If the sample has cleared, your condition may be caused by bottom feeding fish, wind action or livestock wading in the pond and agitating bottom sediment.  If the sample remains murky, the source is negatively charged clay particles that suspend in the water column and cannot settle to the bottom.

Was your murkiness caused by agitation?  Create a plan to reduce or remove fish.  Fence a small corner so animals have access to a confined watering area, not the entire pond.   Was there no change in clarity?  We have an option.

Visit us next week for tips to “flocculate” suspended particles into heavy clumps that can settle to the bottom.