Beginner pondmeisters often ask how largemouth bass got their name. Little explanation is required when we share adjacent photos.

largemouth bass

Looks like she had a crappie for lunch.

In the July newsletter, we related interesting points about bass behavior. Even after handling countless big bass, they never cease to amaze us.  Some days you never know what you’ll see when peering down a gaping mouth you can put your fist through.  We remain in-awe how a 2.5-inch fingerling survives in their world to achieve such status.

largemouth bass

Feed each of these 2.5-inchers 80 to 100-pounds of baitfish and you can grow trophies like you see in other photos.

If you’re a bass aficionado, visit these sources for fascinating fish facts.  Search Tactical Bassin’ and view great underwater video of bass reaction to lures.  Also check-out You Tube for largemouth bass eating live stuff underwater.  Hopefully, they’ll help you think like a fish and provide tips for bait presentation to trigger more strikes.