Five months oldSomething magical begins when you release a three-inch largemouth bass into a lake. It’s a huge place for a small fry that’s only 90-days old. Most creatures the young bass encounters are large enough to eat it. Several years later, you revisit the tiny critter and can hardly believe your eyes–it’s a BIG BASS!

The spindly creature, once no longer than your finger, now has a bucket mouth you can stick your fist through and not touch the sides. Ironically, “it” now can eat anything in the lake. The lunker is so feisty, you must have a strong grip to hold it. After the release, you must pause five minutes to catch your breath and resume a normal heart rate. If you have never enjoyed that moment, let’s review your lake management plan. You could be missing life-long memories with action-packed angling.

Bass - five years oldBass are top-line predators and eat anything that fits in their mouth. Besides other fish, that includes crawfish, turtles, snakes, frogs, a mouse, or other prey passing through its territory at feeding time. To achieve optimal genetic potential, bass MUST have a strong food chain.

If your dream is bragging-size bass, and by the way, big bluegill, we would enjoy sharing unforgettable moments fulfilling that dream. We have biologists to develop a management strategy. We have forage management plans to help you—grow big bass.  Please give us a call at (903)564-5372.