In football and basketball, they call mid-game, “half-time”.  In baseball, it’s the seventh inning stretch.  During the break, teams evaluate early performance and map closing winning strategy.  In August, scorching temperatures limit pond management services and use.  Use this time to assess mid-season conditions.   How’s your 2013 management plan progressing?


  • Are you on a pace to achieve harvest quotas?
  • Is your pond overrun with vegetation?
  • Is your dock screened off with spider webs because you didn’t spray?
  • How’s your water quality?  Is it green or brown and smelly?
  • Did you complete a spring relative weight survey for bass?
  • Have you observed newly spawned fry indicating healthy annual fish recruitment?


If you think there’s not enough time left on this season’s clock to win, we can help.  Our fourth quarter doesn’t expire until early December.  Procrastinate corrective action, though, and your win and loss column will show only a big “zero” for the entire year.