You’ve just learned benefits of supplemental feeding and they’re not exaggerated.  Ask anyone who uses this valuable management feature.  Entertainment watching fish feed is worth the cost.  Other benefits are a big bonus.  Here’s a great fish feeder to begin your program.

Texashunter1The Texas Hunter DF125 is a directional model that throws pellets up to 45 feet.  It’s built in the USA, holds 70 pounds of fish food, and doubles as a wildlife feeder in the off-season with 125 pounds of corn. Distribution is by a powerful centrifugal air blower.  Feed is protected in a galvanized steel hopper with varmint proof built-in funnel. It has a powder-coated Texas Hunter green finish and comes with a rechargeable 12V battery.  You select straight legs for dock mounting or adjustable to place on a shoreline.  It’s less than four feet tall for easy filling.  The digital timer has a five-year limited warranty and is stored on the inside door for easy access and protection from elements.

We’re extending our spring sale through April 30.  Order today for $689, plus shipping!  Add $79 for a solar charger.  Chad can ship within 24-hours.  Have you caught one to two pound coppernose bluegill?  This is your opportunity!