Aeration Maintenance

Quarterly air filter replacement.

Biologists believe aeration improves pond environments dramatically.  It keeps water quality predictable.  Aeration reduces sludge and nutrients that feed annoying algae.  There are fewer incidents of undesirable odors. Aeration maintenance allows fish to thrive in optimal environments, experience improved growth rates, and vigor. But, compressors must be serviced to sustain a valuable lifeline to the fishery and water quality.

Continuous operation 24-hours daily causes wear and tear on vital parts.  See the owner’s manual for approved procedures to replace air filters and install compressor rebuild kits once or twice annually. Enhance compressor ventilation by keeping cabinet air inlets and outlets free of debris and weed growth. Most failed equipment can be repaired at substantially lower costs than replacement with new units.

Aeration Maintenance

Compressor rebuild kit.

Decreased bubble action on the pond surface is a clear signal of poor maintenance.  Keep a log of general cabinet cleaning, filter replacement, and regularly flex air stations to remove sediment from diffuser screens.

Inconsistent maintenance eventually will result in significant compressor damage.   Warranties can be voided if systems are not maintained according to guidelines in the owners manual.

Bob Lusk Outdoors offers a full line of:

  • Custom-designed aeration systems with bottom diffusers
  • Aerating fountains with light kits
  • Decorative fountains with light kits
  • Circulators
  • Beneficial bacteria to breakdown damaging bottom organic matter
  • Monthly maintenance service

Aeration is highly beneficial, especially if you feed fish in small ponds.  Call for a quote on maintenance of an existing unit or installation of a new system.

Aeration Maintenance

Regularly flex air stations.