Texas Hunter Fish Feeders

Texas Hunter Feeders Fish FeederWe just discussed joys and benefits of feeding fish. Let’s review feeder options. Preferred models are directional units. But don’t let a good deer feeder accumulate spider webs during the off-season. With a minor adjustment, they make a great fish feeder.

Directional models have adjustable legs for installing on the shoreline or straight legs for sitting a dock. Efficient blowers broadcast pellets upward so first pellets land five to 10-feet out. Other morsels land in a cone-shaped feeding zone out to 40-feet. As you know, deer feeders broadcast corn in a 360-degree area. If you want to convert a deer feeder to feed fish until fall, hang it from a pole on the dock or shoreline. Attach baffle deflectors that create directional feeding options and prevent feed from being thrown onto the dock or shoreline.

Feeder model selection depends on maintenance opportunities. Do you have a property manager who could service them often? If so, choose a 70 or 100-pound capacity for $699 to $759. If you only visit the property monthly or less, consider a 175 or 250-pound unit from $799 to $849. Solar battery chargers are a must. Although batteries occasionally require replacement, solar chargers greatly extend battery life. We recommend ceasing feeding by early December and removing batteries. Keep batteries charged during the winter and resume feeding by mid-March. We’re a dealer for Texas Hunter products and can ship you a feeder for fish or deer immediately.