Don’t let lily pads smother the pond.

Our biologists are feeling like a 911 operator at a vegetation management hotline.  Water temperatures are on the rise, longer days contribute to longer growing periods.  If you have a vegetation concern, address it now.  Delayed action can result in greater coverage and expense to correct.

Got lily pads?  In early stages, they appear aesthetically pleasing.  If managed, they can be appealing.  If not contained, they cover large areas and disrupt pond use.  How about pondweeds and coontail?  Properly contained, they provide habitat for young fish.  Left unchecked, they limit bass from feeding efficiently and you from enjoying fishing excursions.

Filamentous algae. Need help?

Vegetation treatment is not a casual process.  Plants must be accurately identified to select proper chemicals for effective results.  Treating too large an area this time of year can cause oxygen depletion as plant matter decomposes and harm fish.

Vegetation management science offers custom options to achieve your goals.  If a pond was created as a waterscape to view from the living room or back porch,  there’s a plan to eliminate all vegetation and just admire soothing ripples across the surface.  If it’s your favorite fishing hole, it needs balanced vegetation for fish habitat.  Let’s visit about plants that wear white hats and black hats.  It could save lots of frustration and expense to correct.