After years of silt buildup, your lake’s average depth is only six to eight feet.  Summer temperatures and evaporation draw it down until fish are stressed by declining oxygen.  Fish are becoming stunted.  You’ve even stopped going to the pond for cookouts.  Do you drain your lake or pond and start over?

Before you begin renovating the old pond, meet with a dirt contractor or consultant.  You may be surprised to learn there’s a new site that will allow construction of a bigger or better pond at comparable or more economical costs. If the lake is 10 or more years old, it’s time for a facelift.  Don’t “assume” it must be in the same place.  There are multiple secondary uses for the old site.

A new pond along the edge of wooded areas will attract more wildlife.  Incorporate wetland zones to enhance waterfowl use. Starting from square one with a revitalized fishery will be exciting.  Would you put a new motor in a 10 or 20-year-old car just to avoid the inevitable?  Some of us are senior citizens.  We understand the difficulty in letting go of the good ol’ days and “changing for the better”.  Like when our kids finally convinced us to get a computer.  We soon asked how we ever got along without it.

Pond management science has made extraordinary strides in the past 10 years.  Picture a dock accented with water lilies, soft lighting in surrounding trees, and a special underwater light projecting an aquarium-like view.  We can help design a pond setting for any event from family picnics to a wedding.  Ask Bob how he applied many of these features for a recent special family event at his home.