When you buy a car, build a home, place hard-earned funds with a financial program, or buy land, what’s the first step to making a confident decision on the subject?  You perform due diligence and seek professional consultation.  Building and managing ponds requires significant investment. As with any above subject, careful planning will insure rewarding dividends.

What if you chose a pond site for the aesthetic beauty instead of analyzing a topo map to confirm the watershed could supply ample runoff to sustain normal water levels? What if you stocked the long-awaited pond with a truck load of expensive fish that “were not” compatible with the pond or its habitat? What if your pond was full of vegetation and a neighbor gave you “here say” advice for a sure-fire remedy that wound up killing your treasured fish?

As Bob Lusk relates during seminars—all management choices bring consequences. Before making decisions that will impact the success of your pond, let’s visit.  We may be able to help plan more economical dirt work, better habitat for the fishery, or methods to minimize shallow water and prevent future vegetation problems.

Our visit will take only one day. The pond will last a lifetime.