Have you ever wondered what is that small green ball-like plant that grows on the top of ponds? The experts at Purina Mills are here to tell you.

Kenny is on the line from Missouri. Hey Kenny.


How are you?

Pretty good.

Thanks for watching. Do you have a question?

Okay. I’ve got a pond that’s about 15 years-old and it’s been clear and in the last two years it’s got a green scum on it, and I first thought it was pollen off the trees. Then I got to look at it closer and it looks like pinhead little round balls and sometimes the lake’s fully covered.

Is that the same stuff you find in the canals down in New Orleans in the swamps rather, down there. Saying what is that? Bob

That’s a plant called water meal it’s a green-looking little plant that’s the consistency of cornmeal you pick it up and you rub it in your hand and it’s gritty.


That’s the smallest aquatic plant on the planet.

And that sounds like what you’ve got Kenny?


That’s okay. And there’s got to be a solution.

It’s the toughest one to eradicate.

Good luck Kenny. Thanks for calling.

I wish I had great news for you, Kenny. You knew we don’t really want to get into herbicides because we’re feeding and managing fish, but there are some options out there for that, but it…

Should he go to the website?

Yes he sure can. Alright, pondboss.com ask the boss there’s about twenty-five categories, one of them is about controlling plants.

Alright, okay.

You get some good answers right there.


Yeah that’s a good idea.

Anytime I got your back.