Tired of wading through tall weeds to launch your boat?  How many times have you pushed your boat off the shoreline and found a snake napping underneath?  Remember the last time you were too tired to retrieve it so you left it tied-up and returned to find the boat covered with algae?

E-Z Dock boat port systems are perfect for boats up to 5,000 pounds.  They offer easy drive-on, power off dry-docking.  The ports are self-floating and move with fluctuating water levels.  It can be used in as little as two feet of water.

Keep your boat high and dry.  Eliminate the need for winching, cranking, or hoisting.  The modular design allows numerous configurations for a wide variety of boat shapes and sizes.

Features and benefits include:

A)    Self-centering entry rollers

B)    Supplemental flotation for added buoyancy

C)   Optional side extensions for additional walking platforms.

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